Heart of Gold Sponsors

 We are truly grateful to those in the community who go above and beyond to help us help those in need! A HUGE Thank You is not enough for those with A Heart of Gold!

Hearts of Gold: Rick & Donna Dixon

 Rick & Donna truly exemplify what a heart of gold means… They have been partnering with Project TOUCH for over a decade now, and not only support in an extremely generous financial way but also where the rubber meets the road…Rick has been an overnight Shelter volunteer for many years. That takes a lot of heart and commitment and we are so grateful to both Rick and Donna for standing by us through thick and thin! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them. We love and appreciate you both very very much – may God continue to bless you and your family!   ~ Anne Unmacht, Founder – Project TOUCH 


 Heart of Gold: Manny Hernandez!

 As the Director of Project TOUCH, I have known Manny for over a decade now and can’t say enough about how huge and generous his Heart is…Sometimes he goes so above and beyond to help others that we have to run interference and make sure we are protecting him! It is an honor to know him and have him be a partner of Project TOUCH all these years. He is always an anonymous, behind the scenes giver, but when it comes to a Heart of Gold – his heart truly shines! We pray God continues to bless him as a vessel to blessing so many others…  


 Hearts of Gold: Dana and Tammy Stevenson 

Almost from the beginning, Dana Stevenson and his wife Tammy have been part of our mission to prevent homelessness in the valley. God gave Dana a vision that ultimately became his QuietCool Whole House Fan business…being a man of God, Dana knew exactly how he could bless others with his overflowing cup!! We are excited for the next chapter in our relationship with Dana and Tammy – kicking off their Club JC with a wonderful “Gathering” of local church worship teams, local artists and National Recording Artist BJ Putnam on December 15th at The Promenade Mall!! Next up…Good Friday – stay tuned for details!!

“Dana and Tammy Stevenson, and their entire family are the epitome of what the Christmas giving season is all about. They have stood by Project TOUCH and our mission since 2003, and have been a key and integral part of this charity. not only enduring all these years, but thriving! I have not met a more wonderful and humble family than the Stevensons. We are so appreciative – not just for all they do, but for who they are. God Bless You Dana, Tammy and your whole entire family! We at Project TOUCH love you and appreciate you so much!”  ~ Anne Unmacht 
"It has been an honor and privilege to serve on the Project TOUCH Board for over 15 years. It’s been amazing to watch how God has truly blessed this organization and all the individuals around it. We sincerely pray that all of you will continue to support and keep Project TOUCH in your prayers… God Bless All of You & Thank You!!"     ~ Dana Stevenson 


Hearts of Gold: Dan & Katy Atwood 

Dan & Katy Atwood are some of Temecula’s finest! They are committed to making this community one of the best places to live in Southern California. As the former owners of Temecula Toyota, Dan has donated multiple vehicles to Project T.O.U.C.H., along with cars to our single mothers in need as well as others in the valley. His donation of transportation within our program allows us to transport our clients who need to get to the doctor, work, or store. Thank you for your continued support Dan & Katy! Heart’s just don’t get much more golden than their’s…Their continued commitment to helping others is admirable, and we are truly grateful for the love and support they give to our program and those in need.

“The unconditional love and support that Dan & Katy shower on so many is nothing short of divine, and we are truly grateful for these God given angels placed on earth to bless so many of those in need.” ~ Anne Unmacht
 “Anne, we admire you and your staff and how you are only trying to help people in need without any judgement. The community is a much better place thanks to you. You set a wonderful example of how Christ wanted us to interact with each other.”     ~ Dan & Katy Atwood 


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Heart of Gold: Patrick M. Schmidt …

Heart of Gold: Patrick M. Schmidt …

Heart of Gold: Patrick M. Schmidt …


 Witnessing first-hand the loving, caring, and tireless work on behalf of the less fortunate in our community by Anne, the Project Touch Staff and Volunteers, has touched my heart. Writing a check is easy, their efforts are obviously and genuinely – Divinely Inspired. May God continue to Bless them.

~Patrick M. Schmidt

Heart of Gold: Dr. Winkelstein

Heart of Gold: Patrick M. Schmidt …

Heart of Gold: Patrick M. Schmidt …


 It is difficult for most people to understand the challenges facing those on a fixed income. To provide even the most basic of human needs for their families. Our community partners are invaluable when it comes to help in providing services like medical screenings, dental check-ups, and eye exams.  “It has been our pleasure to provide eye exams, glasses and contacts for the client’s of Project T.O.U.C.H. for years now” – Dr. Allan Winkelstein.  Learn more about Temecula Valley Optometry: drwink.com 

Heart of Gold: David Jaskulke

Heart of Gold: Patrick M. Schmidt …

Hearts of Gold: Chris Hart & Bill Bohmer


David Jaskulke from Roadside Advertising! His generosity and support in helping us with our new signs for The Divine Discount & Thrift Store was so very much appreciated!!! 

Hearts of Gold: Chris Hart & Bill Bohmer

Hearts of Gold: Chris Hart & Bill Bohmer

Hearts of Gold: Chris Hart & Bill Bohmer


 We are truly grateful for the leadership and guidance received from Chris Hart and Bill Bohmer of Thrivent Financial! 

Heart of Gold: Jeff Zember

Hearts of Gold: Chris Hart & Bill Bohmer

Become a Heart of Gold Sponsor


 Thank you Jeff Zember and Pli-Dek for your enormous support and generous heart! You were an answer to prayer and helped make our New Divine Discount Store a reality! We appreciate you so much…you truly do have a Heart of Gold!! 

Become a Heart of Gold Sponsor

Hearts of Gold: Chris Hart & Bill Bohmer

Become a Heart of Gold Sponsor


 Would you like to become a Heart of Gold Sponsor? Your generous donation will help us provide safe, warm shelter and supportive services for those in need this winter. If you’d like to be part of a community that cares – Click here to become a Heart of Gold Sponsor for 2020!




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